Graduate students

I frequently get inquiries about graduate studies from prospective graduate students. Before contacting me, it would be helpful if you read and understand this about me, my Department, and my university.

Our university offers an M.A. in Political Science, but, given the small size of our Department, we are not able to offer graduate classes. If you do graduate studies here, you will likely need to do some independent studies for your classes. Whatever university you attend to do graduate work, you will need to be self-motivated. That is especially true here. If you require a lot of external motivation, we are probably not a good fit.

Please note that I am one of the "Canadianists" in the Department, meaning that my teaching and research are all on Canada. Unless you are interested in and have a strong background in Canadian politics, I would probably not be a good supervisor for you. Also, please note that within Canadian politics, I emphasize political parties, elections, political participation, and Alberta in my research and teaching. If you want to come to the University of Lethbridge to study another aspect of Canadian politics, you may want to consider one of my colleagues as a supervisor instead.

If you want to do graduate studies with me, you will need to  have a strong background in Political Science. Just because I am at a small university does not mean that my standards are lower than those at a large university. In fact, if anything, the limitations of our program require you to be especially good. I like to see applicants with excellent writing skills -- I will ask to see a writing sample before I consider supervising you. Ideally, you should also have taken undergraduate research methods and/or statistics. Even if you are not anticipating doing quantitative research, I expect you to be able to read and understand academic work that is quantitative.