Festivus 2019

Although it is Festivus and I should be complaining about how some of my colleagues disappointed me over the past year, I will end 2019 on a more positive note. This past year saw the recruitment of new students into the lab (Michelle and Taisha above) and the successful defense of Ben's thesis, just last week. We also moved into our new building in which we have significantly more space for the brain collection and more bench space for processing tissue. With the research chair renewal, we will be acquiring some more computing power and beginning new research projects, one of which is already underway with the Weisbecker lab. So despite the myriad of challenges that 2019 brought, 2020 is looking like a productive year, especially if all the people in the photo above can get papers submitted!

Happy holidays from the Iwaniuk Lab (a.k.a. The Island of Misfit Toys).