Broadening and line mixing in the 20 (0)0<--01 (1)0, 11 (1)0<--00 (0)0 and 12 (2)0<--01 (1)0 Q branches of carbon dioxide: experimental results and energy-corrected sudden modeling


Using both a difference frequency spectrometer and a Fourier transform spectrometer, we have measured transitions in the 12 (2)0&lt;--01 (1)0 band of carbon dioxide at room temperature and pressures up to 19 atm. The low-pressure spectra were analyzed using a variety of standard spectral profiles, all with an asymmetric component to account for weak line mixing. For this band, we have been able to retrieve experimental line strengths and the broadening and weak mixing parameters. In this paper we also compare the suitability of the energy-corrected sudden model to predict mixing in the two previously measured Q branches 20 (0)0&lt;--01 (1)0, the 11 (1)0&lt;--00 (0)0, and the present Q branch of pure CO(2), all at room temperature.

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