Computations of temperature dependences for line shape parameters in the 30012←00001 and 30013←00001 bands of pure CO2


In this study, we have calculated the broadening and first order line mixing parameters for over 100transitions in the 30012 00001 and 30013 00001 bands of carbon dioxide. The calculations wereperformed over the 193–323 K temperature range for pure CO2 and lean mixtures of CO2 and air. Theelements of the relaxation matrices were calculated at the appropriate physical conditions using theExponential Power Gap (EPG) and Energy Corrected Sudden (ECS) scaling laws. We have compared ourcalculated low pressure line mixing parameters and the broadening coefficients with experimentalresults from two previous studies in our group available at 217, 234, 258 and 296 K. At all temperatures,the calculated broadening coefficients were also compared with those available in the HITRAN database. 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved