New Measurements and Assignments in the Millimeter-Wave Spectrum of CD3OH


Predoi-Cross A, Xu L-H, Walsh MS, Lees RM, Winnewisser M, Lichau H. New Measurements and Assignments in the Millimeter-Wave Spectrum of CD3OH. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. 1997;188:94-101.


The ground state rotational spectrum of CD3OH has been revisited in the millimeter-wave range. A total of 216transition frequencies have been measured and assigned in the 117–179 GHz spectral range, including about 40 transitionspreviously reported. The spectrum was recorded at the Justus–Liebig University in Gießen, Germany using a frequencymodulated millimeter-wave spectrometer. The assignments for the CD3OH transitions were predicted based on energylevels calculated using preliminary results of the global fit of microwave, millimeter-wave, and far-infrared data ofWalsh et al. (Paper FC04 presented at the 52nd International Symposium of Molecular Spectroscopy, Columbus, OH,1997) . The new measurements have substantially enlarged the accurate millimeter-wave component of the data setavailable for the global fit and have allowed Walsh et al. to obtain significant improvement in the CD3OH molecularparameters ( J. Mol. Spectrosc. 188, 85–93, 1998) . The low residuals between observed and calculated frequencieshighlight the quality of the global fit results. 1998 Academic Press