Some Recent Pubs

Michael Byers and I have just posted an op-ed on the Fermi Paradox on Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsDid climate change destroy the aliens?

Here is my new collection of my papers on quantum mechanics, philosophy of time, and (a bit of) quantum logic:  Quantum Heresies (College Publications, 2018).  This volume comprises most of my previously published papers in foundations of physics (some corrected or updated), together with a new Introduction, one new paper, and an Envoi ("The Work to be Done"). 

And here are some recent papers, which I present in the form of pre- or postprints since the published versions are mostly behind paywalls:

"A Different Kind of Rigor:  What Climate Scientists Can Learn From Emergency Room Doctors". 

I explain the relevance of professional ethics to the problem of "scientific reticence" identified by James Hansen.

"Fermi and Lotka:  The Long Odds of Survival in a Dangerous Universe".

I explore the notion that the number of advanced species in the universe may be controlled by a power law (such as Lotka's Law), which would imply that there would be far fewer of such species than optimistic estimates would indicate. 


I'll post more as soon as I have time to massage the preprints!

July 17, 2019