1st Prize in Chinook Symposium for Doug

September 18, 2015

Doug Turnbull received the 1st Prize for an undergraduate research poster (chemistry division) in the 9th Chinook Symposium at the University of Lethbridge (Sept 18, 2015).


Study Leave

February 27, 2015

Michael is on study leave for the Spring of 2015. This enables him to focus on research during this term. He will be back teaching courses in the Fall of 2015.

Promotion to Full Professor

April 6, 2014

Michael's application for promotion to full professor was approved by the STP committee of the U of L.

Angewandte Publication Online

June 25, 2013

Our publication in Angewandte Chemie about the solid-state structure of sulfur tetrafluoride is available online. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201302917

Jamie's M.Sc. Defense - Congratulations

Jamie's M.Sc. Defense - Congratulations

June 11, 2013

Jamie Goettel successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis on June 11, 2013. His thesis is entitled "Structure and Chemistry of Sulfur Tetrafluoride". He will leave the Gerken lab by the end of the summer. Jamie will stay in fluorine chemistry, pursuing a Ph.D. with Gary J. Schrobilgen at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.


June 1, 2013

The Canadian Centre for Research in Advanced Fluorine Technologies (C-CRAFT) was approved by the University of Lethbridge General Faculties Council.  The establishment of this centre formally recognizes the high concentration of expertise in fluorine chemistry at the U of L.

CSC Conference in Quebec

June 1, 2013

Praveen, Jamie and Rudy attended the CSC conference in Quebec, presenting a poster and two talks.

Congratulations! Rudy won first price for an oral presentation!

March 18, 2013

Rudy Dutta Majumdar won first price for his oral presentation "Athabasca oil-sands asphaltenes: solving a structural puzzle using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy" at the Meeting of the Minds 2013. The Meeting of the Minds, 2013 is the 7th Annual Graduate Students' Association Multidisciplinary Research Conference at the University of Lethbridge with presenters from all Departments.  Among the 47 talks, Rudy's presentation was selected for the 1st price.