Biology 3605 Conservation Biology



Now being taught by Jenny McCune

General: This course introduces the principles of conservation biology with an emphasis on how population biology and genetics can be applied to conserving diversity at population, community and ecosystem levels of organization. The course is divided into two main sections: problems and solution. Threats to biological diversity, ranging from species introductions to habitat destruction will be discussed along with conservation solutions ranging from the design of protected areas through conservation legislation.

Biology 3300 Evolution



General: Survey of evolutionary thought and understanding of evolutionary processes and mechanisms leading to speciation. The course focuses on basic population genetics, heritability, variation, natural selection, adaptation, and speciation.

Textbook: Freeman and Herron Evolutionary Analysis Third or Fourth Edition.

Tutorials: Tutorials are held every week and are designed to compliment the lecture component of the course.

Pre-requisites: Biology 2000 (Ecology); Biology 2200 (Genetics) OR Admission to the Post-Diploma B.Sc. in Environmental Science program