Recent List of Publications

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Journal Articles

  • O. S. Oubbati, M. Atiquzzaman, P. Lorenz, M. H. Tareque and M. S. Hossain. (2019, April). Routing in Flying Ad Hoc Networks: Survey, Constraints, and Future Challenges Perspectives. IEEE Access, 7, 81057-81105.
  • Md. Hasan Tareque, Golam Dastoger Bashar, Saria Islam and A. S. M Mahmudul Hasan. (2013, July). Contour Based Face Recognition Process. International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology (IJCSET), 3(7), 244-248.

Conference Publications

  • M. Rabeya, M. Mahmood, B. Das, R. Bardhan and M. H. Tareque. (2019, February). An Efficient Design of 4 - to - 2 Encoder and Priority Encoder Based on 3-dot QCA Architecture. In the 2019 International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Engineering (ECCE) (p. 1-6), Bangladesh
  • M. H. Tareque, M. S. Hossain and M. Atiquzzaman. (2015, September). On the routing in Flying Ad Hoc Networks. In the 2015 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) (p. 1-9), Poland

Abstract Presentation

  • Title: A Game-based Approach to Teaching Programming, Cybersecurity and Software Engineering Concepts, Meeting of Minds Conference (2021, March). Organized by GSA, University of Lethbridge