Biography, Daniel L. Johnson


Teaching, September-December, 2018
1) Insect Biogeography and Ecology, GEOG4030/ENVS4000
2) Biogeography, GEOG2090

Teaching, January-April, 2019
1) Geographical Data Analysis, GEOG2700,
  Room C756, Tu Th 0925-1040, Instructor: Prof Dan Johnson
  Labs: Contact Department of Geography. Room E640, Tu 1505-1620; 1630-1745

2) Current Events in Environmental Science, ENVS4000,
  Room TH204 (Turcotte Hall), Tu Th 1340-1455, Instructor: Prof Dan Johnson

Independent Studies: to be arranged with an instructor;
  students make the request; deadline early January

Recent and current graduate students (D. Johnson, supervisor):
Qing Xia (successfully defended)
Stephanie Watson (successfully defended)
Martha Astorquiza (successfully defended)
Sejer Meyhoff (work in progress)
Piratheepa Jegatheeswaran (starting January, 2019)

Recent Courses

Spring 2013:
ENVS500 | First Nations Transition Program, Environmental Science
ENVS4000 | Sustainable Development and the Environment
GEOG3075 | Environmental Resources Management

Fall 2012:
GEOG 2700 | Geographical Data and Analysis
GEOG 2090 | Biogeography, and Lab

Other Recent Courses:
STAT 3850 | Design and Analysis of Experiments
ENVS 4000 | Impacts of Climate Change, Outline: Student Independent