NEUR 2990/3990/4990 Independent Studies

We frequently have spaces for independent study students to work in the lab. Independent studies are a great way to get real, hands-on experience in the lab. We offer opportunities to learn dissection techniques, histology, immunohistochemistry, image analysis and access to the newest technology in digital slide scanning and microscopy. Individual research projects will be tailored according to the student's schedule, interests and active research being conducted in the lab. This is also an opportunity for a professor to get to know you on a personal level, resulting in a stronger and more thoughtful reference letter that will improve your chances of getting into med school, vet school dentistry, other professional programs or even grad school. A few things to bear in mind though:

1) You need to be self-motivated and have ample time in your schedule.

2) This is equivalent to a 3 credit course, so be prepared to put in similar degrees of effort and time.

3) You will need to ask questions, pay attention, take copious amounts of notes and adhere to agreed schedules. You cannot flake out on research the same way as courses.

Ted Garland has similar and more specific advice for undergraduate research.

Successful undergraduates in the Iwaniuk lab also get their names on publications, present their data at regional conferences and occasionally even get fed.