What's Going On

Field Season 2018

This year's field season was a bit less intensive because sometimes life is complicated. Ben led the charge with ground squirrels and collected Richardson's to send to colleagues in Chile as well as Columbian ground squirrels in Fernie, along with Krista, Olivia and Lauren. Andy completed his shortest field season ever for ruffed grouse with the aim of collecting a few more specimens for Golgi staining and to send samples to the Fuxjager lab.

Happy New Year

The Iwaniuk lab closed 2017 with the 3rd annual Christmas movie night. This year's choice was Christmas Vacation along with pizzas from our go-to spot in Lethbridge, Two Guys. 2017 was a productive year in terms of data and specimen collection, so we anticipate 2018 to be a year of lots of writing!

SFN 2017

Just returned from a very successful trip to Washington DC to attend the 29th Annual Karger Workshop, J.B. Johnston Club for Evolutionary Neuroscience and Society for Neuroscience meetings. Ate way too much food with great friends from across the world, including the 4th annual league dinner. If you don't know what that is, you aren't meant to know.


The 17-21 July of this year was spent in Dr. Vera Weisbecker's lab at the University of Queensland. I finally got to sort out how to assemble digital endocasts. It was a very educational and fun experience working with Vera. Can't wait to come back to Brisbane next year!

Fieldwork 2017

Our fieldwork for 2017 just wrapped up. The original plan was for 4 species in 3 provinces, but our plans for BC did not pan out. We were, however, successful in collecting Richardson's ground squirrels and ruffed grouse in Alberta and Franklin's ground squirrels in Manitoba. Now we can spend the summer processing brains, writing papers and wishing we weren't spending summer in Lethbridge...

Happy Holidays

December 2016 marked the 2nd Annual Iwaniuk Lab Christmas Movie Spectacular. With pizza from Two Guys and a Pizza Place, we had an great, festive evening watching The Ref, a little known Christmas movie from the 1990s with Denis Leary and Kevin Spacey.


This year, we took a lab trip up to the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology for the day. It was a chance to get out of town, see some dinosaurs and for some of our lab that isn't from Alberta, see a part of the province that most people don't bother visiting. Although the museum was the purpose of the trip, Ben's lunch recommendation of Bernie and The Boys was equally awesome.

Spring 2016

Ground squirrel trapping is over for now, but it was a successful season with Ayanda and Juliana capturing plenty of animals for autoradiography and Golgi staining. Currently, it is 'drumming season' and Ashley and Nick are out in the Crowsnest Pass region trying to trap as many ruffed grouse as they can for genetic samples and morphometrics. I was at my usual haunt, Buck Lake, trapping a few birds for a collaboration with Matt Fuxjager on the expression of androgen receptors in muscles and spinal cord.

Holidays 2015

This year, we held the 1st Iwaniuk Lab Christmas Movie event. This year's selection was Trading Places, a classic from the '80s.

Society for Neuroscience 2015

This is the first year that I took undergraduate students to the annual SFN meeting. Both Janae and Nathan did a great job of dealing with all of the people that visited their posters as well as embracing the true nature of the J.B. Johnston Club and SFN meetings: socializing with other scientists over good food and beer.