What's Going On

manakins again

Lab reading for this week:

Fuxjager et al. (2015) Evolutionary patterns of adaptive acrobatics and physical performance predict expression profiles of androgen receptor - but not oestrogen receptor - in the forelimb musculature. Func Ecol, in press.

gobies and fairy-wrens

Last week we read: Schwabl H, et al. (2015) Variation in song system anatomy and androgen levels does not correspond to song characteristics in a tropical songbird. Anim Behav 104: 39-50. This week we are into fish: White GE, Brown C (2015) Microhabitat use affects brain size and structure in intertidal gobies. Brain Behav Evol

Drumming season 2015

Another spring and another season of following ruffed grouse. This year, Nick is largely responsible for recording ruffed grouse drumming and completing playback experiments with them. So far, we have a lot of birds in a very small area, which is making fieldwork considerably easier than previous years.

Scholarship success!

This year, two students were successful in obtaining both summer NSERC and summer AIHS scholarships to continue to work in the lab. Congratulations to both Nathan and Lauren!

R.I.P. Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett wrote dozens of novels, but was also an important advocate for neuroscience, right-to-die legislation and science education. He provided satirical and novel insight into evolutionary biology, physics and chemistry in ways that few other people could provide and the world is a less interesting place without him.

Lab readings

Two weeks ago, we read:

Powell BJ, Leal M (2012) Brain evolution across the Puerto Rican anole radiation. Brain Behav Evol 80: 170-180.

This week, we are reading:

Yopak KE, Lisney TJ, Collin SP (in press) Not all sharks are "swimming noses": variation in olfactory bulb size in cartilaginous fishes. Brain Struc Func

Danielle's MSc defense

Danielle successfully defended her MSc today, after some rather rigorous questions from her examination committee. As is the tradition, we went to Two Guys for celebratory beers and pizza.