CHEM 2500: Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 2500 is the first half of a full year course in organic chemistry taught at the University of Lethbridge. 

In this course, students are introduced to the chemistry of carbon.  As of the most recent curriculum revision, topics include nomenclature, structure, bonding, conformation, stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms, additions to polar pi bonds (mostly carbonyl chemistry), additions to nonpolar pi bonds (i.e. alkenes and alkynes), aromaticity and reactions of aromatic compounds.

The pre-requisite to this course is CHEM 2000 (General Chemistry II).  Almost all of the topics taught in CHEM 2000 are directly applied in this course.  To be successful in CHEM 2500, students need to have a solid background in molecular orbital theory, thermodynamics and acid-base chemistry.

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