CHEM 1000: General Chemistry I

CHEM 1000 is the first half of a full year course in general chemistry taught at the University of Lethbridge.  The second half of the course, CHEM 2000, should ideally be taken within one year of completing CHEM 1000.  The goals of these courses are to introduce you to university-level chemistry and to give you an appreciation for the diversity of the field. 

Learning chemistry is a building process and, in CHEM 1000, we will begin by studying the structure and properties of atoms, the building blocks of matter.  We will then study the properties of the different elements – how they are obtained and how they interact.  In doing so, we will also learn about nuclear chemistry, first order kinetics, molecular structure and geometry, intermolecular forces, kinetic-moleular theory and gases, acid-base chemistry, and applications such as spectroscopy.

The pre-requisites to this course are Chemistry 30 (grade 12 chemistry) and Math 30-1 (grade 12 math that includes pre-calculus; formerly called Pure Math 30).  It is also recommended that students have taken Physics 30 as there is a lot of physics in the first few weeks of CHEM 1000. 

Information provided on this website includes:

Study Habits for Success in Chemistry75 KB
CHEM 1000 Master List for Nomenclature20 KB
CHEM 1000 Reading List (Silberberg 1st Canadian edition - previous book)65 KB
CHEM 1000 Reading List (Silberberg 2nd Canadian edition - previous book)65 KB
CHEM 1000 Reading List (Silberberg 3rd Canadian edition - current book)84 KB
CHEM 1000 Course Outline (Fall 2022)243 KB
CHEM 1000 Lab Schedule (Fall 2022)55 KB