CHEM 1000 Exercises and Practice Test Questions

Exercises are short focused sets of practice questions that can be printed and used as worksheets.  Each Exercise focuses on a single concept or skill.  You should complete Exercises immediately after the concept or skill is discussed in class to ensure that you fully understand it so that you do not fall behind.  It is intended that a single exercise should take no more than fifteen minutes to complete by a student who understands the material (and some can be done in significantly less time than that).  As such, they can be done in breaks between classes or similar short breaks in your day.  

Because many textbooks do not devote much space to Molecular Orbital Theory, each of the Exercises on that topic begins with a supplementary explanation.  I have not yet had time to write similar explanations for the other topics.

Practice Test Questions are longer sets of practice questions, the majority of which have been taken from tests given at the University of Lethbridge in the last twelve years.  The questions within a set of Practice Test Questions are in no particular order, just as questions on an actual test would be in no particular order.

Unless your instructor says otherwise, all material on all Exercises and Practice Test Question sets is testable.  Be aware that reading the answer key to any Exercise or Practice Test Question before completing it is counterproductive and robs you of a learning opportunity.  If you get stuck, ask your instructor or another student for help.  Your brain does not make the same connections when you read an answer as it does when you figure it out yourself.

01 Reviewing Atomic Orbitals, Electron Configurations and Lewis Diagrams

02 Molecular Orbitals of Homonuclear Diatomics

03 Molecular Orbitals of Heteronuclear Diatomics

04 Molecular Orbitals of Polyatomic Molecules

05A Band Theory and Bonding in Metals

05B Valence Bond Theory

06 Entropy and Free Energy

07 Free Energy and Equilibrium

08 Effect of Temperature on Equilibrium 

09 Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry

10 Organic Molecules - Functional Groups and Stereochemistry

11 Organic Reactions

12 Organic Acids and Bases

15M Finance

I have also posted a sample Formula Sheet and a Table of Thermodynamic Data at the end of the list of files below.  You will need these for the Practice Test Questions for Topics 6 to 9 and 12!

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