CHEM 2000 Midterm #2

Midterm #2 usually covers thermodynamics.  Topics typically include entropy, free energy, equilibrium, effect of temperature on equilibrium, phase diagrams, balancing redox equations, electrochemistry, etc.  The test for Spring 2018 is expected to cut off at the end of electrochemistry (like the practice test below does).

The last page of every test is a data sheet which includes a periodic table.  It may also include other relevant data such as physical constants and/or formulas. 

A calculator is always required for midterm #2 for CHEM 2000.

More practice tests can be found on the Past Tests page of Prof Roussel's website.  Some of them had earlier cut-offs due to the fact that we used to cover additional topics in CHEM 2000 that have since moved to CHEM 1000 (notably, intermolecular forces).

The practice tests should be used to self-test.  Just reading them (or, worse yet, just reading the answer keys) is a waste of your time and denies you the learning opportunities available when they are used properly.  Do a practice test with your books closed and time yourself.  Only allow yourself the tools you would have on a real test (calculator and data sheet).

CHEM 2000 Practice Test 2A (Spring 2017)213 KB
CHEM 2000 Practice Test 2A (Spring 2017) (Answers)230 KB
CHEM 2000 Practice Test 2B (Spring 2018)190 KB
CHEM 2000 Practice Test 2B (Spring 2018) Data Sheet117 KB
CHEM 2000 Practice Test 2B (Spring 2018) (Answers)250 KB