LiDAR Forum Questionnaire Results

September 7, 2013
LiDAR Forum Questionnaire Results

LiDAR forum questionnaire results now available. From 62 responses to the online survey monkey LiDAR questionnaire that was distributed to stakeholders in Alberta and that were invited to attend the LiDAR Forum in July 2013, summary results are available with the following stratifications:

  1. No filter, all data are summarised
  2. By Industry sector  
  3. By Academic sector
  4. By Government sector
  5. High proficiency level (proficient or expert) 
  6. Low proficiency level (novice or no experience) 

The forum report and Survey result appendices can be downloaded below:

LiDAR survey All respondents.pdf66 KB
LiDAR survey Industry respondents.pdf66 KB
LiDAR survey Academic respondents.pdf66 KB
LiDAR survey High proficiency respondents.pdf67 KB
LiDAR survey Low proficiency respondents.pdf66 KB