LiDAR / SAR water and wetland monitoring workshop

September 3, 2014

Link to talks given at the LiDAR / SAR water & wetland monitoring workshop

The ARTeMiS Lab and the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre hosted a two day workshop in late June to present on and understand water-related classification and monitoring challenges, as well as potential solutions based on integrating lidar, optical and radar imaging data products. Guests speakers from across Canada, US and Europe were in attendance, with over 60 participants from government, industry and academia. The first day focused on seminar style presentations on a range of topics, which was followed the second day by a training workshop into LiDAR and SAR operations and processing procedures. A link to the talks is provided above. The workshop agenda is linkedĀ below as is a youtube play list of recent lidar talks in Alberta.

YouTube playlist of lidar-related talks in Alberta

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