LiDAR Forum Presentations

September 7, 2013
LiDAR Forum Presentations

The presentations made on day 1 of the LiDAR stakeholder forum in Lethbridge on July 8th, 2013 are now available. The original forum web site and program can be found here:

The presentations have been converted to PDF and can be downloaded below:

1_hopkinson_ullf_intro.pdf3.99 MB
2_optech_leslar_lidar_hardware.pdf2.04 MB
3_riegl_kadatskiy_hardware.pdf5.02 MB
4_airborne_maric_industry_perspective.pdf1.23 MB
6_neon_ramond_national_monitoring.pdf3.14 MB
8_goulden_lidar_uncertainty.pdf1.69 MB
9_adda_lidar_mapping_errors.pdf2.15 MB
10_chasmer_classification.pdf4.64 MB
11a_white_goa_perspectives.pdf3.18 MB
11b_patterson_goa_perspectives.pdf2.86 MB
12_nrcan_jansen_lamoth_fed_perspective.pdf1.7 MB